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Parents & Tutors,

Thank you for your interest in our Tutoring Services! We encourage you to explore our website for important dates (like your child’s upcoming progress reports/ interims or report cards) and our Resources.We are a locally owned & operated  company that refers professional Tutors (some are teachers, assistant teachers, professors, college students, & other professionals) through our Tutoring Services. We believe in safety & personalized education. We have been promoted by 102.5 Radio station & also advertised on His Radio, in Belle Magazine & in Upstate Parent Magazine. Our tutoring services span Spartanburg County, Greenville CountyPickens County, & Northern Anderson County! We like to think of our company as a marriage between a Tutoring Service Human Resource Office and an Advertising Company vested in the interest of improving children’s education here in the Upstate.

We have live, personal, or small group*(see at bottom of page)  Math Tutors, Science Tutors, ELA / ENGLISH (Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Spelling, & ESL) Tutors, History / Social Studies Tutors, Foreign Language Tutors, & Test Prep Tutors for Kindergarten through CollegeTo see a complete listing of subjects we tutor, please view (or go ahead & complete) our ORF: Online Request Form.  Meet with one of our local TutorsUpstate.com reps in person OR go to REGISTER to complete Registration of your student. You may also skip down on this page past our Tutor Preview Photos to the section for Parents & Students OR the section for Tutors.

NEW Student Orientations:

The first orientation meeting: You may schedule a parent / teacher conference with your child’s teacher during the teacher’s planning period or with the school guidance counselor AND our TutorsUpstate.com director or qualified representative will attend the school conference to complete your child’s orientation.  Orientation is important because we will make planning decisions for your child based upon recommendations of his or her teacher, guidance counselor, parent, and the representative of our company.                 OR~   If you would like a

PRIVATE ORIENTATION separate from your child’s school,                                       we also do orientations during the afternoon and evening hours on:

Mon between 2:00- 6:00,    Tues between 2:00- 3:30,     Wed between 2:00- 4:30,             Thurs between 2:00- 3:30,       Fri  between 2:00- 5:30,         Sat between 10:00- 4:00,            & rarely on Sun between 2:00- 500

An Orientation is effective for all subjects that your student may need within the same school year or one calendar year for all $0 balance clients* (Exception to this: unless we have to do further evaluation at your request or our Director’s recommendation). For example, a high school biology student, who was registered last semester with one of our science tutors, needed a geometry tutor this semester. Did we charge for orientation for him with a second math tutor for geometry? No. Once registered & if you’re a $0 balance client***, your registration is inclusive. You do not have to pay a separate registration each time you need a new tutor for a new subject within a school year or a calendar year. Also, If you are a remaining client with us, we do NOT require you to register every new school year or do an orientation every new school year. This is a great perk for being a client of TutorsUpstate.com!

Have a question?  Use our Contact Us Form.

PARENTS & STUDENTS: Below are PREVIEWS of our very NEWEST Tutor additions to TutorsUpstate.com. Each Tutor Preview includes their general location & the subjects they tutor. TUTORS, WE ARE SO PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A PART OF OUR TEAM!                                                                                                                                      

PARENTS & STUDENTS:  Any PHONE Request at (864)494-1561 may be made between the hours of Mon-Thurs 8:00 am- 8:00 pm & FRI 8:00 am- 6:00 pm. All phone requests made before 3:00 pm are followed up with the same day. If you leave a message, we will return your call within 1-3 hours OR you may use our ORF: Online Request FormWhen we receive your ORF or PHONE request, we will call you back to set up an initial orientation!   Hourly rates do apply. Our Tutors charge $25-$50 per hour. Most College Registrations are $15. Assessments are $35- $45. Discounts do apply. For more information go to QUESTIONS: Hourly Rates & Fees You can find a lot more reasons why parents & students in the Upstate choose us over other tutoring companies or services or read about Our Mission.

TUTORS:  All Tutors that come on board with us must complete a national background check & also a SC DMV Record check for DUIs. The cost for the checks are $35 for all non-certified Tutors & $15 for all certified Tutors or Teachers (waived for special circumstances). Go to Interview to view requirements for Interviewing with us. Also, please take a look at our incredible advertising packages or take a look at what most advertising venues cost if you advertise individually and not unified with other Tutors part of an association. After the first  60 days of promotional advertising, if a Tutor wishes to continue with our team of Tutors, minimal advertising fees will apply to Tutors. Remember Tutors, there is NO monthly obligation to stay on board with us after your first 60 day promotion is over AND you will NOT be billed for or owe us any money IF you decide to cancel your profile & association with TutorsUpstate.com, .org, & .net sites. We do not bill you whatsoever within the first 60 days of your promotional offer. We promise to never take any credit card billing info from you EVER if you do not want us to! Also take a look at our recent requests on our JOB LISTINGS to see if you fit the description of the Tutors we need for specific requests in your location!

*Small Group tutoring rates are $15 – $25 per student per hour depending upon the expertise of the tutor and the size of the group. (2 students= $20.oo+ per student; 3 or 4 students= $15.oo+ per student). To find out more about our small group subjects, days, & times, click on Small Groups.

**Sundays may be scheduled only if no other time slots are available.

*** A $0 balance client is a client that has paid previous Tutors all the monies that was owed to the Tutor/s for tutoring sessions rendered to the Client.

“Turning the Light on in Your Student!”

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